4 fun end-of-term activities for students

In this blog, we suggest some light-hearted end-of-term activities that you can plan with your students to help them wind down ahead of the holidays.

Published: July 12, 2022

There’s no denying, it’s been a tough few months for schools. With Covid, budgeting issues, and exams to contend with, many teachers have found themselves under stress. However, the summer holidays are now just around the corner making it a great time to wind down and celebrate what you and your students have achieved. In this article, we’ve put together four end-of-term activities to help ease you and your students into the summer spirit!

Classroom activities

1. Try a few online games 

Kahoot! is a brilliant way to have fun at the end of a long year. This game-based learning platform allows students to create multiple-choice quizzes and play trivia games online. Users can also play across multiple devices simultaneously, giving teachers the flexibility to get the whole class involved. 

2. Hold a movie day

A tried-and-tested classic, movie days are always a big hit with students of all ages. Gone are the days of wheeling a boxy television into your classroom, however! Technology like interactive screens allows your students to get the full cinematic experience without leaving their desks! 

Let the kids pitch their film choices to the class and hold a vote for the favourite. For younger children, you could even set up a ticket booth or snack stand to build on the cinema theme. Designing their own movie tickets is another fun class activity to consider, and will burn off some creative energy before the movie starts rolling. When you’re ready, simply dim the lights to create a realistic cinematic atmosphere for your pupils! 

Outdoor activities

3. Take your science lessons outside

Now that the weather is thankfully a little warmer, why not venture outside for some fun in the sun? Our outdoor shelters and canopies are ideal for providing protection from the elements while you and the kids get some fresh air. Summer is also a fantastic time to teach children about the natural world. 

Try bringing a memorable element to your science lessons, for example, with messy experiments or hunting for mini-beasts!. Or teach them about photosynthesis by submerging leaves in water and watching them bubble! 

4. Have a picnic

Transform the usual canteen lunchtime into an exciting end-of-term activity by organising a picnic for the whole class! Have the kids make snacks and healthy frozen treats ahead of time, or ask them to bring in their own picnic nibbles from home. If you need some inspiration for summer treats, take a look at our summer recipe ideas!

If you have younger children, you might want to hold an al-fresco ‘story-time’ session after the picnic or even bring some musical instruments outside, for added fun.


We hope this blog inspires you to create a memorable end-of-term experience! If your school could benefit from some equipment upgrades during the summer holidays, our team is here to help. We supply everything from IT equipment to cookers and we fund bespoke equipment projects, too!  Get in touch today to start the transformation!


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