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The benefits of supplying schools with Utility Rentals

If you’re an equipment supplier to the education sector, you’re probably familiar with some of the issues that prevent schools…

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equipment suppliers, Upgrade your design & technology classroom
Upgrade your design and technology classroom

This blog makes suggestions for how you can upgrade your design and technology classroom, and how we make it affordable on a budget.

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Essential summer equipment upgrades for schools

This blog suggests some handy equipment upgrades schools can make over the summer holidays to get them ready for the following year.

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4 benefits of us working with your preferred school equipment supplier

In this blog, we’re exploring the benefits of having Utility Rentals work with your preferred school equipment supplier to create your school’s perfect lease!

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equipment suppliers, Leasing school equipment
How we help equipment suppliers get their products into schools

Utility Rentals is an independent leasing company with a focus on school equipment. We help get the latest, high-quality equipment…

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