EdTech spending: how our leases help you get more for less

With the government’s emphasis on science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (or STEAM) subjects, keeping up with the demands of…

Published: May 11, 2022

With the government’s emphasis on science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (or STEAM) subjects, keeping up with the demands of the curriculum can seem like a tall order. The unfortunate truth is that EdTech can be expensive. The Sutton Trust, a charity set up to address educational disadvantages, found that 32% of primary school leaders have had to cut back on IT equipment this year, due to a lack of funds. Secondary schools weren’t far behind, with 20% of headteachers having to slash their IT budgets.

At Utility Rentals, we’re passionate about reducing the obstacles between your students and the school equipment they deserve! In this blog, we’ll explain how our flexible leases can help you spread the cost of all kinds of EdTech equipment, from iPads and interactive screens to virtual reality headsets.

Reliable service

We’ve established robust, long-term supplier and manufacturer relationships over a 30-year period. Our buying power enables us to achieve the best prices and lowest renting rates for our equipment. We then pass these savings on directly to you! Our straightforward, no-nonsense leasing agreements meet the requirements set by the Department for Education.This means you won’t find nasty surprises tucked away in the small print! 

We work with reputable suppliers to supply durable, high-quality equipment that’s ideal for school use. Rest assured that our team of advisors is available to you at all times to assist with any queries. If you have an issue that can be fixed remotely, our experts can walk you through resolving it step by step. If it can’t, we’ll swiftly provide you with the in-person help you need to get up and running again! 

Flexible leasing terms

We understand that every customer has a unique budget and set of circumstances. Our rental terms can be adjusted to meet the needs of your school, college, or university. We pride ourselves on finding rental solutions to suit any budget. 

Our bespoke leasing packages can also be tailored to include add-ons like extended insurance coverage and ongoing maintenance.

For a real-life example of how our leases support schools with their EdTech spending, check out our case study on Bradley Barton Primary School and Nursery. With our help, they were able to introduce iPads and Sphero Mini coding robots into their classrooms, whilst keeping their budget intact. 

A customer-first approach

If you’re struggling to find the EdTech equipment that your school needs on our website, don’t worry! There’s still a very good chance we can help you source, install and maintain what you need. Our industry connections and decades of experience are here to help you find a solution that works for you.   

We can even work with other suppliers that you’ve sourced yourself. If you have insufficient budget to cover an existing quote for purchasing a piece of equipment, you can come to us. Simply fill out a short online form, upload your existing quote, and we’ll get the ball rolling! We can help you spread the cost and provide the necessary finance to proceed, for a stress-free rental experience.

Thousands of schools have already benefited from our services, and you could be next. So, get in touch with our responsive team to start transforming the EdTech in your classrooms today!


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