Energy efficiency: how schools can combat global warming

Use energy-efficient equipment to reduce the carbon footprint of your school. From replacing water-guzzling toilets to substituting outdated lighting, make greener changes.

Published: September 13, 2022

This summer, the UK experienced the hottest day since records began. Wildfires ravaged the midlands. Satellite images showed scorched fields and dry rivers. With these unsettling weather events certain to become more prevalent as time goes on, global warming should be at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Although the greatest change needs to come from corporate giants and political heavyweights, there is much we can do to make our schools part of the solution.

In this blog, we suggest some changes your school can make to be more energy-efficient and minimise your impact on the environment.

Replace your paper resources

With hundreds of exercise books and resource sheets being printed, scribbled on, and thrown away every day, the amount of paper schools consume is enormous. Although some of it may be recycled, the demand for paper products is unsustainable when one considers how many schools exist worldwide. Why not swap out your paper resources for greener equivalents? 


Preloaded with thousands of educational apps, books, and courses, iPads sidestep the need for endless reams of paper. They open up an infinite stream of resources for you to teach. With access to the internet at their fingertips, children can get involved like never before. Utility Rentals has developed an exclusive rental package for the education sector, enabling your school to access iPads through inexpensive payments. Browse our selection of iPads to find the right model for your students.


Chromebook laptops provide your students with all the necessary software needed for their daily school tasks. They provide another neat and affordable way to reduce your reliance on paper products and printing costs. Chromebooks allow access to millions of web-based educational apps perfect for supporting your pupils’ learning journeys. Our Chromebooks range is affordable, energy-efficient, and can be acquired through our flexible subscription agreements. This means you can save money and the environment at the same time!

Switch to LED lighting

Lighting can be responsible for over 50% of a school’s electricity usage. Though this might be a shock, it’s easily remedied! Upgrading your school’s lighting is one of the easiest things you can do to cut carbon emissions and boost energy efficiency. 

Utility Rentals can help you fund, install, and maintain LED lighting without requiring upfront capital. The savings made by the reduction in energy bills cover the cost of the rental, so the switch pays for itself! We can even remove and safely recycle your old lights, keeping the impact on the planet as low as possible. 

Save water using Propelair toilets

Traditional toilets can use a staggering 11 litres of water per flush, constituting a whopping 90% of the water usage on a school site! Not only is this a waste of water, but you are also literally flushing money away. Propelair toilets are an energy efficient solution that use 84% less water per flush without sacrificing performance. By instantly cutting water usage, your sewage bills could be reduced by up to 60% and your washroom’s carbon footprint by 80%. 

Eliminate paper towels by using hand dryers

Swapping from paper towels, or replacing outdated electricity-guzzling dryer models, is a straightforward way to reduce waste production and energy consumption. Installing an energy-efficient hand dryer can reduce the cost and environmental impact of your school washroom exponentially. This essential equipment upgrade draws less power from the mains but performs excellently. No matter the frequency of usage, we have a model to suit all your school’s needs.

We hope you have found this blog informative on the many ways your school can contribute to a greener future. For affordable, sustainable solutions, contact Utility Rentals today via our website.


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