Propelair - The toilet reinvented!

Did you know that UK toilets use on average 9 litres of water each time they’re flushed? Whilst some older toilets use up to as much as 11 litres? With figures like these, it’s easy to see how toilets account for up to 90% of water use on a school site!

Propelair is a high-performance and water-efficient toilet solution, which uses just 1.5 litres of water per flush – that’s an incredible 84% less than traditional toilets and once installed Propelair reduces water costs instantly, potentially lowering your school water and sewage bills by up to 60%.

As less energy is required for water and waste processing, the Propelair can reduce a toilet’s carbon footprint by 80% on average as well. Plus, it helps to reduce leakages too, as water is delivered through a siphon for leak proof operation.

A high-performance and water-efficient solution

Propelair is also one of the most hygienic systems available. When a conventional toilet is flushed, bacteria, viruses and moisture are sprayed into the air; also known as the ‘sneeze-effect’. Surprisingly, these airborne aerosols can travel up to 8ft away and can survive for up to 24 hours, ultimately contaminating washroom surfaces and even the ventilation system which could then travel throughout the rest of the building.

Thanks to Propelair’s unique closable lid and powerful air flush, aerosolised germs are reduced by 95%, creating a more hygienic and healthier washroom for staff and students. In addition to this, the Propelair’s improved design compared to conventional toilets provides a quicker flush, reducing queues during peak periods and offers minimal maintenance with its rimless pan and side hinges for easy cleaning.


Propelair® has a two-section cistern; one for air and one for water

Before Flushing, the lid is closed to form a seal

When the flush sensor is activated water enters the pan to wash it, followed by air from the unique patented pump. The air cannot escape due to the sealed lid. This pushes out the entire contents of the pan to give a powerful, reliable flush.

The remaining water fills the water trap.

The flush is completed in 3 seconds with the toilet ready to be re-flushed in 20-30 seconds. (subject to water supply pressure)

Why is Propelair different?

Standard WC

Water flows from the cistern in to the pan under gravity, carrying the waste out in to the drain. They are dependent on a sufficient volume of water to perform the task, but the flushing mechanisms used in standard WCs often result in leaks. Water regulations require all new WCs to have a full flush of no greater than 6 litres. Some standard WCs are available with a full flush volume of under 6 litres, but as water volume reduces, so does available performance. The reduction in water can lead to double flushing.

Dual Flush

This uses the same flushing principle as standard WCs but the cistern is provided with a reduced flush of no more than two thirds of the full flush which is intended for liquids as opposed to the full flush intended for solids. Again, the reduction in water can lead to double flushing.


Instead of flushing with water flow and gravity, waste is shredded into slurry and electrically pumped through small-bore pipes to meet the drain. This can be noisy and prone to blocking the shredder.

Pressure assisted

These systems improve performance by using the pressure of the incoming refill water to compress an air store, which acts upon the next flush to boost water flow into the pan.


Requires the building to be fitted with a central vacuum drainage system which sucks waste out of toilets during flushing for onward disposal. They require little water to flush due to the power of the vacuum, but are energy intensive and cannot connect to existing drains.

Compressed air

When the toilet is flushed, a trap door opens to allow the waste to drop into a second compartment, which a compressed airline is able to pressurise to force the contents through a small-bore waste pipe.

Upgrade to Propelair with zero upfront capital

Installing Propelair Toilets significantly reduces the water used in your school washrooms and our compliant funding packages allow you to upgrade all of your school toilets to Propelair Toilets, using the savings generated by switching


Capital Free Procurement

Install Propelair with zero upfront capital
and pay the lease using the savings

Professional Installation

Our engineers will carry out
the whole seamless process

Preventative maintenance

For total peace of mind we offer
various warranty packages

Ongoing support

Our dedicated aftersales team is here
to support you for the full rental term

Upgrading your toilet to a Propelair toilet is simple

Conventional method

Easily retrofitted to existing drainage systems using 4inch (110mm) bore pipes

Propelair can be installed as a like-for-like replacement for conventional toilets on vented gravity drainage systems.

Revolutionary Method

Alternatively, Propelair can connect onto 2inch/50mm small bore flexible pipes.

Propelair can connect to existing drains using 2 inch / 50mm flexible waste pipe, which the air flush can push the waste through without a gradient, unlike conventional toilets which rely on a fall in the plumbing network.