Increase hygiene and improve Air Quality for Students, Teachers, Staff

School washrooms are a hotbed of odours, germs, and bacteria that put the health of your students, teachers, and staff at risk. Regular cleaning can only go so far in keeping these odour-causing germs and bacteria at bay.

Air purifiers work 24/7 to kill the germs and bacteria that are generated in between cleanings, keeping your washrooms germ-free all the time.

It works by providing round-the-clock infection and odour control by sanitising the air and controlling the spread of micro-organisms, whilst eliminating odours from the washroom reassuring users that the washroom is clean.

Keep Everyone Happy, Healthy, and Hygenic with a model for every washroom

The Air Purifier comes in three sizes and can be used in all washroom sizes and usage levels. It is super discreet yet incredibly efficient. Its small size means it can be tucked away in a corner and it only consumes 10w of power, making it the perfect air purifying solution for your school’s washrooms.

No matter how comprehensive your cleaning schedule is, there are many hours in the day when these germs and bacteria are flourishing, putting your students, teachers, and staff at risk. Odour-eliminating solutions only mask the problem. They do not kill the bacteria that cause the odours.

Our Air Purifier goes so much further working 24/7 to ensure that any germs and bacteria, airborne or on surfaces, are eliminated!

Kill 98.11% of all airborne and surface bacteria and viruses with an Air Purifier

Odours are created by bacteria, viruses, mould, fungi and volatile organic compounds in the air and on surfaces. It is these odours that generate the perception of poor washroom hygiene. Tests carried out at Porton Down have proved that the Airdri Air Purifier kills 98.11% of all airborne and surface bacteria and viruses


Spread the cost

Equip your whole school with small, fixed rental payments

Improves hygiene

Add Air Purifiers to every school washroom

Kills bacteria & viruses

kills 98.11% of all airborne & surface bacteria/viruses

Kills odours

Eliminates odours from the washroom reassuring users

Effective 24 x 7

Provides 24/7 infection and odour control sanitisation

All size washrooms

Can be set for all washroom sizes and usage levels

Professional installation

Let our electrical engineers undertake the install

5 year warranty

We provide a 5 year warranty
inclusive of parts and labour
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