Engage students like never before with virtual reality!

Classroom virtual reality, no other devices needed. Just add kids! The ClassVR headset is a standalone, classroom-ready device that was designed with kids in mind. The ClassVR headset features a High Definition 5.5″ display to deliver crystal clear images and videos; integrated speakers with volume controls and an audio-out port to connect headphones; and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity to enable classroom control. It also features a front-facing camera that supports augmented reality content, allowing students to engage with printed material in their own classroom in new ways.

This one-piece virtual reality headset is one fully integrated device, making it easy to use and super reliable. The ClassVR headset was designed for students of all types. It comes with a detachable head-strap, so students can use it hands-free or not. The facial padding is comfortable and easily wipes clean, keeping germs at bay. There are individual focal and brightness adjustments so they can be adjusted to suit each student’s vision needs. They can even be worn with glasses.

Teachers can easily engage students with unique educational experiences, while seamlessly monitoring progress and choosing lessons

This headset delivers a fully-immersive experience that is wirelessly managed and controlled by the innovative ClassVR Portal. This portal provides full control and management of all connected ClassVR headsets, allowing teachers a quick and simple way to send the lesson to multiple headsets and view and monitor student progress.

The simple and easy-to-use ClassVR Portal interface enables teachers to easily use the ClassVR headsets to supplement their lesson plans. ClassVR also comes with engaging, curriculum-aligned content that will help students visualize and understand complex subjects, while engaging them with unique educational experiences. The ClassVR portal includes access to a huge library of pedagogically sound, curriculum aligned, engaging VR, AR & MR content, along with downloadable structured lesson plans, guides and worksheets to help spark the imagination of students.

ClassVR brings affordable and innovative
Virtual Reality to the classroom

Introducing a whole new concept in educational technology: a ‘standalone’ Virtual Reality headset complete with a unique student-friendly interface, gesture controls, embedded educational resources and simple-to-use teacher controls. ClassVR is a groundbreaking new technology designed to help raise engagement and increase knowledge retention for students of all ages. And it’s affordable too, really affordable…


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