Crack coding and STEAM lessons with SAM Labs!

SAM Labs is an innovative set of teacher-designed tools and resources that align with the UK curriculum. These include lesson packs, apps and connectable wireless electronic blocks that present your students with challenging educational exercises.

The tools connect both software and hardware with accompanying lesson plans spanning a range of subjects – making learning about coding accessible, experimental and interactive.

Students can use SAM Labs to design, write and debug programs using sequencing, selection and iteration techniques. They will also write algorithms and use the wireless blocks to control and simulate physical systems.

Our SAM Labs package is designed for Schools

We offer a range of SAM Labs Kits and products to suit your school’s needs and budget. Kits are overflowing with wireless blocks and accessories, each with their own unique function. The Bluetooth-enabled blocks range from buzzers to lights, motors and more…

The blocks connect to each other via the SAM Space or Blockly apps to perform a specific function. For example, connect a motor with a light sensor and the motor’s speed will vary according to the amount of light you shine on the sensor!

Using the SAM Space app – featuring visual, flow-based drag-and-drop coding – students can take the physical SAM blocks and drop them into a virtual ‘canvas’, then connect them together to create projects.

With the SAM Blockly app, students can programme systems and use their computational thinking and problem-solving skills to overcome any challenges they encounter along the way.

Why SAM Labs is perfect for Schools:

SAM Labs Kits offer a stack of benefits for your classrooms! With increasing importance on STEAM subjects, these kits promote up-to-the-minute learning methods for up-to-the-minute skills.

The accompanying lesson packs and projects will also make your teachers’ lives a whole lot easier – alleviating their workload and increasing their confidence in teaching STEAM subjects and coding.

SAM Labs projects can also be tailored to any ability level and can be used with any iOS, Windows, Chromebook or Android compatible device.

And, with our flexible leasing agreements – specially designed for the education sector – acquiring SAM Labs Kits for your school couldn’t be easier.

What’s not to love?

Connect the dots between physical and digital with SAM Labs

SAM Labs provides everything you need to deliver the most engaging STEAM and Coding learning experience to your classroom. It seamlessly connects software and hardware with lesson plans that cover a wide variety of subjects, making learning about coding accessible, experimental, interactive and fun.


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