How EdTech can help close the attainment gap

This blog describes how inequalities in educational achievement can be affected by students’ backgrounds. We explain how EdTech in schools can help narrow the attainment gap.

Published: September 21, 2022

When it comes to academic achievement, there are a number of factors that can affect students’ ability to do well. Concerningly, patterns have recently emerged that show a correlation between areas like socio-economic status and academic performance. For the first time in 12 years, the ‘attainment gap’ has started to widen again. 

This blog explores EdTech’s impact on the attainment gap, and how equal access to technology can help bridge this divide. We’ll also highlight some of our fantastic EdTech solutions that can help narrow the gap in the classroom, with no upfront cost!

What is the attainment gap?

The attainment gap is the difference in academic performance between groups of students, based on factors such as parental income, ethnicity, or disability. 

The inequality experienced by these students often presents itself in slower cognitive and emotional development. This divide can increase over time and result in students falling behind their peers. In fact, upon leaving primary school, only 51% of children from low-income families meet the expected grades in maths and English. As of 2018, children from poverty-stricken areas of the UK were 27 times as likely to have “inadequate” schooling 

How has it affected students?

Lack of access to resources reduces students’ ability to learn. Without a stable connection to the Internet or educational materials, their academic development and achievements can be stunted. 

The pandemic exacerbated this further. By the time students returned to classrooms in 2020, the Government’s plans to “level up” education had been undermined.

According to David Laws, former Minister of Education, before Covid disadvantaged children were over a year and a half behind their peers in their academic achievement. This gap has increased since the extended school closures, especially affecting children living in poverty. 

How EdTech can help 

With careful planning and a focus on achievement, technology can be the catalyst for change! Studies show that EdTech’s impact on the attainment gap is markedly positive, and thanks to our unique leasing agreements, we can help you level the playing field without exceeding school budgets.

Equipment such as Macbooks, iPads, and Chromebooks can help you gain unique insights into students’ progress. Access to learning analytics makes it easier for teachers to monitor, intervene, and support students at risk of underachieving. EdTech has even lowered the rate of drop-outs by predicting outcomes based on progress, and allowing teachers to step in before it’s too late.

EdTech has a positive impact on the attainment gap because it’s so customisable. It allows you to tailor your content to students’ individual needs using online learning tools. Furthermore, it allows kids to develop an independent approach to their learning that works with their learning style. This frees up teacher time, allowing more availability for one-to-one support. As a bonus, all children are provided with an equal opportunity to increase the essential digital literacy skills they need for future careers. 

Our Edtech options

Our range of EdTech solutions was specially chosen for the educational sector and is ideal for supporting your learners inside and outside of the classroom. The rental packages we offer are affordable, allowing every student to access a device without upfront costs! 

If you want to make EdTech available to all of your students without blowing your budget, consider renting our equipment. Our comprehensive packages will help you fund, maintain and update this vital equipment when the time comes. For more information, visit our website today.


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