Using virtual reality technology for field trips

In this blog, we talk about how investing in virtual reality technology for field trips can enhance your student’s learning experience.

Published: September 20, 2022

During Covid, field trips have widely ground to a halt, stripping students of the chance to learn through educational visits. Confining kids to the classroom has proven tricky for certain subjects. However, fortunately, there’s a solution! Teaching tools have come a long way since the blackboard, and technological advancements have catapulted the traditional classroom into the future. 

Virtual reality (VR) is the latest in a long line of EdTech capable of transforming the way you teach. This remarkable technology can give your students first-hand insights and experiences that would otherwise be impossible. In this blog, we outline some of the ways that VR field trips can enhance lessons for all ages and abilities, using our ClassVR headsets.

School-friendly design

Our ClassVR headsets were designed with education front and centre. Few pieces of EdTech enable you to offer such novel in-class experiences. Walking your students through interactive course content is easy. The practical aspect of VR promotes engagement and retention, and the virtual ‘outings’ are perfect for helping students visualise and understand abstract concepts and places. 

With virtual reality technology, your students can explore geological formations, outer space, or even the inner workings of the human body! 

The headsets are wireless and controlled by the ClassVR Portal. This enables teachers to manage all connected headsets conveniently and easily. When on virtual reality field trips, teachers can cast content directly to their students and monitor their progress from the front of the classroom.  

Furthermore, the ClassVR Portal boasts a vast array of supplementary content to enrich your teaching. Pre-planned lessons, worksheets, and guides are all included. 


When organising field trips, the list of considerations is endless. Many factors make finding an appropriate place for your students to visit difficult. Issues can also arise in several areas; health and safety, safeguarding, and (perhaps most frustratingly) accessibility. 

Unfortunately, many popular sites for school trips – or the transport to access them – aren’t adequately modified for students with disabilities. This can prevent these kids from getting involved, leaving them feeling left out and at a disadvantage.

With ClassVR headsets, you can all but eliminate this issue as students can participate equally, regardless of health conditions or their level of mobility. For example, the high-definition display and in-built speakers are adjustable to suit any requirements. Students with visual impairment can also engage in class activities alongside their peers, as the headsets can be worn with glasses. 


For some families, paying for school trips isn’t an option. With the cost of living soaring, low-income children risk missing out on key opportunities. VR enables field trips to take place without leaving the classroom. For your students, this means there are no extra costs to pay and no one is left behind for financial reasons.

With our manageable payment plan, we can spread the cost of our Class VR rental packages to suit any budget. There are also multiple hardware bundles available, allowing you to select the right one for your class size and usage. 

Schools and parents can spend thousands organising one-off trips for their students. With ClassVR technology, you can take them on the trip of a lifetime over and over again! If you want to keep costs down and engagement up, consider hosting virtual reality field trips. 

To start organising your project, contact us today! Our team of tech-wizards are ready to work their magic and find you a solution that works for your budget.


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