How to secure air purifiers to keep your classrooms COVID-safe

Unfortunately, with the Omicron variant circulating, we’re all still worried about COVID-19 cases in the classroom. As school staff try…

Dan Tyler
Dan Tyler
Published: December 20, 2021

Unfortunately, with the Omicron variant circulating, we’re all still worried about COVID-19 cases in the classroom. As school staff try to keep everyone healthy, air purifiers present an ideal solution to keep the air safe. However, securing this equipment might seem easier said than done!

In this blog, we look at the current availability of air purifiers for schools and how you can access this essential equipment (without delays). 

The need for clean air in schools

During the autumn, air purifiers were making headlines as they were trialed in newly ‘back to normal’ schools. The trials were a success and it’s clear that they’re an effective tool for keeping the air safe in classrooms. For instance, Steraspace air purifiers were lab-tested and proven to kill 98.11% of airborne microorganisms

As teachers will know, opening windows and disinfecting surfaces are important anti-COVID measures. However, these approaches don’t kill airborne virus particles, which is why air purifiers are such a game-changer. This equipment continually sanitises the air and nearby surfaces with UV technology making it harder for viruses to survive. 

Government advice on air purifiers

As the winter term ends, the government is yet to make air purifiers a core element of schools’ COVID-fighting strategies. However, it is aware of the benefits of this technology.

In November, the Department for Education promised a thousand air cleaning units for alternative provision (AP) or special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) settings. The government plans to deliver these to such schools where “quick fixes to improve ventilation are not possible”. However, this means that most non-AP or SEND schools won’t see any government-provided air purifiers anytime soon. Instead, the government has advised that these schools buy their own air cleaning units. But this is unlikely to be an economically-viable option for the majority of schools and colleges.

How leasing delivers this equipment affordably 

For the many UK schools struggling with money, additional spending on air purifiers is a daunting prospect! When you consider how many units schools would need for each classroom, the costs of bulk-buying this equipment are eye-watering. That’s why the option of leasing them may come as a breath of fresh air!

Instead of purchasing this equipment outright, renting these appliances via compliant operating leases means schools can spread the cost. Schools can avoid high upfront expense and instead make a series of affordable fixed payments. There’s no time to waste in getting air purification technology into classrooms, so leasing is both a timely and budget-friendly solution!

Utility Rentals can help equip your school with lab-tested Steraspace air purifiers, without straining your finances. With our flexible terms and payment plans, we’ll help your school’s budget go further. What’s more, you’ll benefit from transparent paperwork, total compliance with sector standards, professional installation and a five-year warranty. 

To learn more about leasing our high-performance air purifiers, contact our knowledgeable team today


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