Boxford BGL 460

The Boxford range of CO2 laser cutting systems offer endless engraving and cutting opportunities. They enable students to produce industrial levels of quality and accuracy in a wide variety of materials, including plastic, wood, textiles, cork, glass, stone and anodised aluminium. Their ease of use and compatibility with virtually all computer design packages make them perfect for all levels of education and training.

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  • Engraving Area – 600mm x 400mm
  • Laser Source Power – 80W
  • Laser Type – Glass CO2 up to 1,500 Hours Lifespan
  • Integrated Laser Cooler System – Water Chiller
  • Table Control – Electric
  • Cutting Thickness – 0-15mm
  • Max Cutting Speed – 600mm/sec
  • Max Engraving Speed – 1000mm/sec
  • Safety Features – Class 2 Closed Configuration
  • Weight – 120kg
  • Dimensions – W: 1150mm x D: 850mm x H: 1020mm
  • Minimum Access Requirement – single door with an opening of 850mm. A narrower doorway will require disassembly which may incur additional charges.
  • Honeycomb material cut-out table
  • Air assist including integrated compressor
  • Design software supports DXF, JPEG, GIF, BMP, PLT, AI, CDR and other popular file formats
  • Windows Software & drivers


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