HPC LS6090

The LS6090 is a versatile all-rounder supplied with a 2inch focusing lens ideal for those cutting and engraving with precision at fast speeds.

It is able to cut acrylic, plywood, MDF, Fabrics, rubber plus many more materials and can engrave slate, glass, marble and also metals with the aid of MarkSolid.

Special features include drop down front and rear panels to allow larger objects to be lasered, the machine can also be separated in half to fit through a standard doorway.

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  • 600 x 900 mm work area
  • Professional Laserscript 5.3 software
  • Operating system required XP or above
  • Machine footprint 1400 x 1050 x 1000mm
  • Cutting depth 0-20mm acrylic
  • Engraving speed 1000mm/sec
  • Cutting speed 600mm/sec
  • Minimum character size 1.5mm by 1.5mm
  • 60 / 80W Co2 Laser tube to suit requirements.
  • Software supported: CorelDraw, 2D Design, Art cut, Auto Cad,
  • Graphics supported: DXF, PLT, JPEG BMP
  • Driving method by stepper motor
  • Net weight 210kg
  • 60W Dimensions – W: 1400mm x D: 1050mm x H: 1100mm
  • 80W Dimensions – W: 1700mm x D: 1050mm x H: 1100mm
  • Communication: USB Port
  • 280 mm adjustable Z-depth motorised table.
  • Red dot pointer system for easily and quickly lining up your work
  • Slatted non reflective anodised aluminium bar bed for supporting a wide range of material weights.
  • Air assist to control heat
  • Flow sensor to protect your laser tube.
  • Closed loop water system
  • Power supply 240v (or 110v) +/- 10% 50Hz (or 60Hz)


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