The benefits of leasing laptops for schools

It’s hard to argue against the importance of laptops in schools. In an age where the world’s information is online,…

Published: October 25, 2023

It’s hard to argue against the importance of laptops in schools. In an age where the world’s information is online, laptops enable students to access unlimited knowledge in a few clicks. They also provide teachers with a powerful tool to enhance the learning process.

But the question is, should schools buy these devices outright, or would they be better off leasing them? In this blog post, we’ll explore the many benefits of leasing laptops for schools: a strategy that can help schools stay current, flexible, and financially sustainable.

7 reasons to lease your school’s laptops

1. Stay up-to-date

Technology is constantly advancing, and laptops are no exception. The device that is cutting-edge today may be obsolete within a few years. When schools choose to buy laptops, they commit to a specific model or generation, and this can quickly lead to an outdated fleet of devices. 

On the other hand, leasing laptops allows schools to stay current with technology. Leasing contracts typically have shorter terms, often around three years, and this means that schools can upgrade to the latest models as soon as their contracts expire.

2. Upscale quickly

If you’re acquiring laptops for a school, it’s unlikely you need just one or two devices. Working with a leasing company makes it easy to acquire 30, 60 or more laptops – all equally specced and all covered by the same agreement.

3. Conserve cash-flow

One of the most significant advantages of leasing laptops for schools is the flexibility it offers when it comes to budgeting. School budgets are infamously tight, and allocating a substantial amount for a one-time purchase of laptops can severely impact cash-flow. Leasing spreads the cost of acquiring laptops over the duration of the lease, making it easier for schools to manage their budgets and control costs. 

Remember that it’s not just the devices themselves that incur costs when they’re bought outright – repair and replacement costs can also eat into capital budgets. Many laptop leasing agreements include warranty options, removing these ad hoc costs and replacing them with a single fixed manageable payment, enabling schools to plan how to allocate their remaining resources. 

4. Stay flexible

The needs of a school can change over time. As student populations grow or decline, schools may need to adjust the number of laptops available for students. Leasing provides the flexibility to scale the number of devices up or down to accommodate these changes. Whether it’s the addition of a new class, or changes to the curriculum, leasing offers the adaptability that schools need to meet evolving educational demands.

5. Be protected

Managing an inventory of laptops, including maintenance, software updates, and troubleshooting, can be a significant task. If anything goes wrong, you need to know you’re covered. That’s why good leasing companies will offer an ongoing warranty on any products you hire, protecting them against any hardware faults or breakdowns for the term of the lease.

This offloads the burden of IT maintenance from school staff, allowing them to focus on teaching and learning, rather than managing hardware and software issues.

6. Meet sustainability goals

Leasing laptops can contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach. As technology evolves, older laptops can quickly become electronic waste. Leasing companies often have strategies for recycling and responsibly disposing of outdated devices. They may also offer eco-friendly options for selecting more energy-efficient devices, reducing the environmental impact of technology usage in schools.

7. Manage software and licences

Software is a critical component of the digital classroom, and keeping software licences up to date is essential to maintain a secure and efficient learning environment. Leasing agreements for laptops often include the management of software licences, enabling schools to remain compliant and access support for any software-related issues.


Should I lease laptops for my school?

The decision to lease laptops rather than buying them is a question of priorities for schools. Is the priority to conserve cash-flow? If so, leasing laptops – and other equipment – is an attractive option. If, on the other hand, a school wants to keep monthly costs as low as possible and instead prefers to use up capital budget for ‘big ticket’ purchases, buying outright might be the preferred option.

If, like many of our customers, your school wants to ring-fence its capital budget and take advantage of the many other benefits of leasing laptops, we can help. Our IT partners provide brand-new Dell, HP, ASUS and Lenovo laptops.

Get in touch with our expert team to discuss your options.


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