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Millions of students in schools around the world are already using ClassVR to enjoy incredible immersive learning experiences. From visiting…

Published: August 16, 2023

Millions of students in schools around the world are already using ClassVR to enjoy incredible immersive learning experiences. From visiting ancient Rome, or even Mars, to holding DNA in their hands, they are discovering the world – and the curriculum – like never before.

Read on to find out more about the affordable ClassVR kits that your school can access through a Utility Rentals lease, and the resources and support that will make them a reality before you can say ‘smart classroom’!

Smart yet simple: the ClassVR headset

The multi-award-winning ClassVR headset lets pupils view and interact with a staggering array of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) resources, 360 content and curriculum-linked educational materials, all wirelessly controlled by teachers via the ClassVR Portal.

Choose from the standard and the premium headset, both of which are comfortable to wear and user-friendly for students of all ages. All headsets have a detachable strap, so they can be used hands-free or not.

The HD 5.5” display ensures crystal-clear images and videos, and the premium headset includes higher storage and RAM capacity for an even smoother VR experience.

Navigating using wired hand-held controllers, students enjoy an immersive educational experience that can transport them around the world, to impossible places, and even back in time, with minimal fuss and no distractions.

Delivering curriculum-aligned content

The ClassVR Portal makes it quick and easy for teachers to search and build playlists, send content to students, direct students’ attention and monitor their progress with real-time class view.

With thousands of pre-made VR activities, resources and lesson plans created by our team of education experts, there’s an astonishing array of immersive content to add value to your lessons, right across the curriculum.

And there’s more. ClassVR is an open platform, and you can create and upload your own content, access content created and shared by teachers from all around the world, and benefit from integrations with VR and AR education content providers.

Download the resource Creating Content to use with Class VR to learn more, and don’t forget to order your free guide, 50 Creative Ways to Use ClassVR, for plenty of inspiring lesson ideas from ClassVR customers. 

You can also bring printed materials to life with animated 3D visuals from ClassVR’s Augmented Reality Classroom (ARC). Download an example ARC worksheet to find out more.

Learning for all ages

From the littlest learners to established students in higher and further education, learning through experience has many benefits. It improves engagement and motivation, enhances comprehension and boosts knowledge retention.

We know that the youngest students learn through asking questions, plenty of natural problem-solving and by experiencing awe and wonder. ClassVR is a brilliant way to encourage all these things, introducing pre-school children to just the sorts of experiences they will be excited to talk about and explore. As this early years case study shows, they can develop their language and communication skills without even realising they are learning.

In primary school, pupils are beginning to expand their understanding of the world and honing their comprehension and problem-solving skills. VR and AR continue to have a big impact across all areas of learning – including digital literacy. This case study shows how pupils gained mathematical and digital skills when they used ClassVR headsets to view the 3D shapes they had created using Paint 3D in augmented reality.

In early secondary or middle school, VR can contribute to soft skills such as creative thinking and emotional intelligence. This case study shows ClassVR’s value as a pre-learning tool, using immersive content to prepare a group of students for a field trip. The resources offered a solid foundation for further learning while developing students’ curiosity and interest around the topic. They also introduced key vocabulary and sparked discussions in the subject area.

Later in secondary school and into higher and further education, VR and AR help to unlock potential, keeping pupils motivated and challenged in their learning. As some topics become more abstract and complex, ClassVR helps to cut through the theory, using experiential learning to bring complex subject matter to life. This case study shows how ClassVR headsets helped students to view a microscopic animal cell in 3D as part of their introduction to cell biology.

ClassVR is also a super-safe learning environment for all ages, as students can only access content the teacher has created and uploaded to their headsets.

Have a look at some more case studies to see how students of all ages, from all around the world, are enjoying immersive learning with ClassVR.

Bringing languages to life

Learning languages is all about making connections, and ClassVR is the perfect way to go beyond the classroom and connect with the world outside. With the transformative power of experiential learning, you can immerse students in countries, cultures and contexts to deepen their understanding and improve their recall.

Here are just a few of the ways ClassVR can bring language learning to life:

  •   Developing vocabulary: Integrating key vocabulary into virtual learning spaces helps students learn, retain and practice using new words. Why not try using ClassVR alongside CoSpaces, a powerful tool that gives students the ability to create a 3D world in a web browser and then explore that world in 360 through their ClassVR headsets. It’s a lot more fun than learning vocab by rote!
  • Global explorations: Help students to engage with languages by letting them visit the countries in question. Using ClassVR, they can set off on virtual field trips and immerse themselves in the places they’re learning about.
  • Inspiring imaginations: Fully immersive 360 images and videos can really capture imaginations and inspire learning. ClassVR makes it easy to create exciting, memorable experiences that will encourage natural language learning and develop conversational skills.

ClassVR set-up and training

We want you to be able to start teaching as soon as you receive your ClassVR headsets. Our technicians will set up everything for you, so all you need to do is open the box and turn them on.

We can also deliver curriculum training to make sure you and your students get the most out of your new technology.  

Affordable subscriptions

It’s more affordable than you might think to make VR technology a reality for your school.

Our unique leasing agreements allow you to spread the cost of ClassVR, with affordable subscriptions to suit all budgets.  

Find out more

If you’re thinking about adding ClassVR to your school’s EdTech offering, browse our products or chat to our expert team to find out more!


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