5 things you can make with a school laser cutter

You can make lots of things with your school laser cutter. Here are five great ideas to inspire your students and get their creative juices flowing.

Published: October 13, 2017


Your school laser cutter is a powerful tool. It can bring student creations to life, encourage practical thinking and help them engage with a STEM subject – design and technology!

The tricky thing can be deciding what to encourage your students to create. But, don’t worry – we’ve got a selection of weird and wacky stuff your students can make with your school laser cutter.

Recap: how does a school laser cutter work?

It’s pretty much what it says on the tin – they’re lasers that cut through materials. They don’t have to cut all the way through, most laser cutters can act as engravers too.

Here’s a little more on the technical side:

  • A laser beam is a column of high-intensity light.
  • The beam is directed by mirrors within the machine, to get it to its desired point.
  • The laser generates a lot of heat in one spot, so the material that it’s focused on melts or vaporises away.
  • You’re then left with the shape you wanted.

School laser cutters differ slightly from their industrial counterparts, as they need to be easy to use and totally safe. That’s why they often include:

  • Advanced filtration and exhaust features – to get rid of any fumes
  • Digital display water-temperature gauge – to ensure everyone knows exactly how hot the cutter is
  • Chiller system – so the machine doesn’t overheat

What can you make with school laser cutters?

So, now you know about the mechanics, we can get to the fun part – making stuff!

Here’s our top five things to make with your school laser cutter. Why not try them out?

1) Wooden rolling pin

Unleash your students’ creativity by encouraging them to create intricate designs that will prettify cookies, cakes and other sweet treats.


They can then use the laser cutter to etch their designs onto a rolling pin – simple! It’s a fantastic task for the run-up to Christmas!

2) Puzzles

Set your students a challenge to design and build a puzzle, using wood or acrylic material.

Geometric shapes are usually best, but let their imaginations run wild. They could even try out a 3D puzzle!

If they whizz through this task, encourage them to make a board game or chess set, as part of a larger project.

3) Paper artwork

These look simple, but can be hard to pull off as paper tends to be flimsy.

Encourage your students to use bold colours and embrace any negative space to make intricate designs. They could even use multiple layers, for a stunning effect.


Trees and leaves are a great starting point if they need some inspiration.

4) Laptop or iPad stand

Your students can create functional items, too. Instruct them to make a laptop or iPad stand that can be used in lessons, and that can be carried around school easily.

This will get them into problem-solving mode, and demonstrate how your school laser cutter has a place in real life.

5) Jewellery and accessories

Laser cutters are great for creating jewellery, including necklaces, earrings, pin badges, keyrings, and more!


You could make these items for a charity fundraiser, or just as a fun task to keep your students engaged with product design. It’s entirely up to you!

Sounds like fun? Talk to our team about getting a new school laser cutter today.