5 pieces of kit for a 21st century school

In our latest blog, we take a look at the 5 pieces of kit for a 21st-century school, to help you decide how you can enhance your classrooms in an affordable way.

Published: July 1, 2020

In the 21st century, education technology (EdTech) is evolving all the time. It can be hard for schools to know which pieces of kit to invest in or not, especially when cost is a factor.

In our latest blog, we take a look at five pieces of kit for a 21st-century school, to help you decide how you can enhance your classrooms in an easy and affordable way. Read on to find out more.

5 pieces of kit that your school should consider

Sphero coding robots

There is no doubt that coding and programming are becoming increasingly essential skills in today’s world, and Sphero coding robots can help pupils to develop their knowledge and understanding in an easy, straightforward way. As STEAM (Science, Technical, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) subjects start to play a bigger role in the curriculum, these app-enabled robots will not only allow your teachers to make coding lessons fun, but they will also allow your students to collaborate with each other and be creative in a completely new way.

3D printers

When it comes to expanding the minds of pupils and inspiring the engineers of the future, there is no better piece of kit than 3D printers. Not only can this type of technology build their knowledge of an emerging type of technology, but it may also broaden their horizons in terms of their future career options too.

In addition, 3D printing also allows teachers across a range of subjects (such as design and technology) to bring their subject to life in a completely new and creative way, and allow pupils to build their own creations too.

Class VR

If you’re looking for a completely unique way to teach your subject, then let us introduce you to Class VR. Completely designed with kids in mind, these VR headsets deliver crystal clear images and videos through their High Definition 5.5″ display and are enabled with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Believe us when we say there has never been a more exciting way for pupils to engage with printed materials!

SAM Labs Steam & coding kits

Designed by teachers themselves, SAM Labs Steam & coding kits are a set of curriculum-lead tools and resources, such as lesson packs, apps and connectable wireless electronic blocks. They provide an excellent way of presenting students with exercises that will challenge them in an educational way, and will seamlessly integrate with your lesson plans to make writing algorithms and debugging programmes both interesting and inspiring.

Interactive screens

There’s no doubt that interactive screens (a large digital display unit or panel that is driven by a computer) are helping to transform the classroom learning experiences of pupils across the country. These devices allow educators to present content in a new and exciting way, allowing more blended and collaborative learning to take place than ever before. Replacing the traditional chalkboards of years gone by, interactive screens can make the classroom a much more exciting learning environment, and allow teachers to bring their subjects to life in extremely engaging ways through the use of education-specific software and educational apps.

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