Hygienic, hand washing stations that can be placed anywhere

Our range of mobile hand wash stations provides the perfect solution to schools that need to install hand washing facilities into areas without needing to worry about connecting to the main water supply.

The handwashing stations come with large refillable water tanks that can be used to wash more than 150 pairs of hands* per fill! Refilling is then quick and simple.

Each one comes with a built-in drain tank to collect waste water so there is no need for drainage and for total hygiene peace of mind, they can be operated using your foot so there is no need for hand contact.


* 20-litre capacity models

Sturdy hygienic stainless steel, with wheels for mobility

All of our hand wash stations are constructed from sturdy and hygienic stainless steel, making them easy to wipe clean. We also offer models supplied with a splashback and space for a soap dispenser and paper towels, for easy and convenient access to soap and towels.

Large wheels and a handle make the hand wash stations quick and easy to move. Just place where you want, fill up, plug in and go!…and for those areas without a plug socket, we have a manual foot-pumped model as well!

Using our market-leading pricing and compliant lease funding, it’s easier than ever to add a mobile hand wash station anywhere in your school!

Increase hygiene throughout your school with Mobile Hand Wash Stations

With enough for dozens of hand washes per fill, the sturdy Mobile Hand Wash Stations we offer are perfect for increasing hygiene standards throughout your school where there is no access to mains water, and can be used wherever they are required.


Spread the cost

Equip your whole school and spread the
cost with small, fixed rental payments

Place anywhere

No need to be plumbed in, can
be placed anywhere in the school

Improve hygiene

Add hand-washing stations
throughout your entire school

Easy to clean

Constructed from sturdy and hygienic stainless steel

Large water volume

Means less refilling, easy to refill when required

Foot activated

With no need for hand contact, makes the units hygienic

Wheels for easy mobility

Large wheels makes the hand wash station quick and easy to move
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