Kip McGrath Case Study

Kip McGrath has just chosen some energy-efficient air purifiers from Utility Rentals. Find out why in our latest case study.

Published: October 20, 2020

Kip McGrath is a global network of tuition centres with a mission to help children succeed in English and maths. When the Bristol North centre approached us looking for air purifiers, we were only too happy to help!

In this case study, you’ll learn what the centre was looking for and why its staff chose our AeraMax Pro-3 stainless steel air purifiers. We’ll also tell you a bit about our first-rate customer service that made the team at Kip McGrath so happy about their experience with Utility Rentals.

“Their efficiency and speed throughout the entire purchasing and follow-up process has been second to none … The whole team have been brilliant from sales to invoicing.” Jay Grocott, Centre Director

What was Kip McGrath looking for?

The centre wanted a solution that would allow it to confidently open its doors to students who were unable to undertake online lessons and who were keen to return to the classroom. Jay explained that Kip McGrath had “been considering air purification for some time. Before the advent of COVID we had concerns about local air quality and were looking for ways to mitigate that.”

With concerns that “the onset of winter would bring additional challenges in terms of ventilation”, the team at Kip McGrath “decided to investigate air purification to mitigate the risk as much as possible”. Jay went on to explain, “As we operate in addition to school, we felt that we had to go above and beyond government advice.”

After discussing the centre’s needs, we kitted it out with our AeraMax Pro-3 air purifiers. This meant that Kip McGrath could resume class-based lessons and alleviate worries about air quality and the threat of coronavirus.

What to consider when choosing air purifiers?

1) Hygiene

It goes without saying that hygiene is a priority for schools, and this is particularly true at the moment.

Even with enhanced cleaning routines, it’s unlikely that your school will be able to monitor cleanliness 24/7. The HEPA filter in the AeraMax Pro-3 captures and traps 99.97% of airborne particles including harmful germs and viruses. The filter’s anti-microbial treatment also effectively reduces the development of bacteria and fungi on its surface. Its Active Carbon filtration system absorbs odours and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air.

Jay told us that the “safety of our staff and students has been paramount and a real worry”. Since the installation of the air purifiers he commented that, “The cleaning team have noticed that general dust and dander is lower. The biggest difference has been the removal of odours.”

2) Room size and location

A key factor when deciding on an air purifier is the size of the space you need it for. Always be sure to check your room dimensions before making your final selection!

Also have a think about where you will position your air purifiers and whether you want them to be wall or ceiling-mounted.

3) Energy efficiency

School budgets need to go a long way! It’s therefore important to choose wisely and opt for appliances with low running costs. Our range of air purifiers run on just 10w of power, making them a great energy-efficient choice.

The Utility Rentals’ touch

At Utility Rentals, customer service couldn’t be more important to us. The experience you have with us really matters and we do our utmost to make it as positive as possible!

We were delighted to hear that the staff at Kip McGrath were so happy with our customer service, commenting that they “would absolutely recommend Utility Rentals”.


Could your school benefit from energy-efficient air purifiers? Talk to our team today!


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