hand hygiene tips, hygiene improvements, hygiene in your school
Hygiene improvements for school health this autumn

Make some easy hygiene improvements before the start of autumn term. We spotlight our range of hand washing stations, hand dryers, Propelair toilets, and air purifiers.

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Air purifiers, classroom ventilation
The value of air purifiers amid shortages

Unfortunately, high levels of COVID-19 cases among students and staff are causing ongoing disruption in schools. That said, with the…

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Hand Dryers, hand hygiene, hand hygiene tips
Why hand hygiene is (still) essential in keeping schools safe

In this blog, we explain why hand hygiene is vital in stopping the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses in schools. We discuss both hand washing and drying.

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Air purifiers, COVID crisis, hygiene in your school
Air purifiers: the new COVID-fighting equipment being trialed in schools

With students back in school after summer, concerns about health have resurfaced. Many of the UK’s schools are housed in…

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back to school, hygiene in your school
Back to school: normality at last?

In this blog, we discuss how parents, teachers, and students feel about being back to school and a ‘normal’ routine after 18 months of disruption due to COVID-19.

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Hand Dryers, Hand drying, hand hygiene
Why hand drying matters as much as hand washing

In this blog, we look at the role of hand drying in hand hygiene. With damp hands spreading up to 1,000 times more bacteria, drying is super-important!

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Hand Dryers, hand hygiene, hand hygiene tips
Hand hygiene tips for back to school

With schools opening their gates once again, this article looks at hand hygiene tips to help keep staff and students safe over the coming months.

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EdTech, hygiene in your school, update your school equipment
Ways to update your school equipment in 2021

A new year is a prime opportunity to take stock of how your school needs have changed and how to update your school equipment so you’re prepared for the future!

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Hand Dryers, hand hygiene, hygiene in your school
The impact of COVID-19 on hand hygiene

This article looks at the effect of the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic on hand hygiene and the ways in which we can support effective hand hygiene in schools.

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Canopies, hygiene in your school, School Playgrounds
The future of school playgrounds

This article discusses the importance of school playgrounds, the impact of COVID-19 on them, and how they might look in the future.

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