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Which Apple products can you supply to my school?

Of all the products we supply here at Utility Rentals, our range of Apple’s iPads and MacBooks are hands-down our…

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Why should kids learn to code?

Why should kids learn to code? Well, it will be a vital part of their futures, so teach them while they’re young and they’ll quickly get to grips with it.

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What is a Fablab and how can I set one up in my school?

Fablabs are the next big thing in America. Could they be part of your school? Find out more about 3D printers, laser cutters, and more can help make an exciting learning environment for your students.

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4 ways technology can enhance your classroom

Technology can be used to improve a child’s learning experience. By leasing the latest tech, you can see the results for yourself.

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Transform your lessons with the rental of Mac Computers from Utility Rentals

Whether you’re looking to acquire laptops or desktop computers, Macs are perfect for schools and thanks to our rental contracts, they’re now affordable too!

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