Apple Products, iPads, IT, Mac Computers
Which Apple products can you supply to my school?

Of all the products we supply here at Utility Rentals, our range of Apple’s iPads and MacBooks are hands-down our…

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iPads, new iPad models
Apple’s new iPad models and applying them to the classroom

In this article, we discuss the benefits of iPads for schools, and how they can boost learning opportunities within the classroom.

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festive lesson plans, iPads, Lesson Plans and Ideas
Countdown to Christmas: 3 festive lesson plans for schools

Try out our festive lesson plans and add some Christmas cheer to your classroom this year! All with a little help from Utility Rentals.

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iPads, student's guide to iPads
A student’s guide to iPads

Our student’s guide to iPads offers a handy round-up of the different features of a range of popular models to help you choose the right one!

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EdTech, EdTech lessons for schools, iPads
Lock-down EdTech lessons for schools

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many lock-down EdTech lessons for schools. Find out more about this fascinating topic in our blog!

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iPads, iPads in remote learning
COVID-19 and the role of iPads in remote learning

Our latest article discusses the role of technology such as iPads in remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

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apps for SEN students, iPads
3 amazing iPad apps for SEN students

In our latest blog, we look at three amazing iPad apps to help support SEN students with the transition back to school life.

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21st century school, COVID crisis, EdTech, iPads, ipads for children
The campaign to get iPads and laptops to disadvantaged children

In this article, we discuss initiatives to bridge the digital divide and provide iPads and laptops to disadvantaged children and families across the country.

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EdTech, iPads, ipads for children, IT, Online teaching
Using Apple Classroom for remote teaching

The impact of COVID-19 has transformed learning. We take a closer look at how schools can use Apple Classroom to support remote teaching in our latest blog.

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EdTech, iPads
Why EdTech is on the rise

In our latest blog, we look at the key reasons why EdTech is on the rise in the classroom, and the ways that schools can support pupils at home. Find out more.

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