How to transform learning with ClassVR

Technology is a great way to transform your lessons – making them more engaging and memorable for students. The virtual reality headset from ClassVR is an excellent place to start!

Published: May 9, 2023

There’s a lot of clever classroom tech that the team at Utility Rentals supplies to schools. One of the most exciting pieces of kit must be the virtual reality headset from ClassVR, which can – quite literally – transform learning. This fully immersive VR solution is designed specifically for schools, and it gets top marks from us for its ease of use and infinite educational possibilities.

Why is VR such a powerful tool in schools?

Many studies have shown that the best way to acquire and retain information is to experience it. Even old-school brainbox Einstein, despite being known for his theories, was a fan of putting things into practice, saying: “The only source of knowledge is experience”.

And, while traditional school outings and field trips have their place, we all know that considerations such as cost, logistics and accessibility mean they’re not always a practical or inclusive option.

Even more problematic are the many other scenarios that are quite simply impossible for students to experience in the real world, like visiting space, diving with sharks or exploring a human vein.

That’s where virtual reality (VR) – and augmented reality (AR) – comes in. Available from the comfort (not to mention safety!) of the classroom, this technology makes all sorts of incredible learning experiences possible, giving students the kind of lessons that will boost their learning in a unique and powerful way.

Interactive and immersive, ClassVR content is something everyone can be inspired by. What’s more, it requires minimal cost, equipment and space, making it the perfect addition to your smart classroom.

How does ClassVR work?

Class VR’s vast library of curriculum-aligned content is available to students via headsets that provide incredibly realistic virtual experiences. From walking on the moon or watching a volcano erupt to holding molecules or even a planet in their hand, pupils can travel through virtual worlds and see abstract concepts brought to life. In Avantis World, the world’s first educational VR theme park, they can even travel back in time. No school trip permission slips needed!

There’s also a built-in AR application that gives printed materials a new look too. Paper handouts don’t quite cut it when you can view and interact with animated 3D visuals of worksheets, posters and other materials through a VR headset.

About the ClassVR headset

The ClassVR headset was the first standalone classroom-ready device in the education market. It’s also worth mentioning that ClassVR technology is multi-award-winning – in fact, it’s the most awarded educational VR solution.

The one-piece headset is a fully integrated device with:

  •       HD 5.5” display for crystal-clear images and videos
  •       integrated speakers with volume controls and an audio-out port for headphones
  •       Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  •        a front-facing camera that supports AR content
  •       detachable head-strap, so it can be used hands-free or not
  •       comfortable, wipe-clean padding
  •       individual focal and brightness adjustments.

About the ClassVR Teacher Portal

The ClassVR experience is wirelessly controlled via the innovative Teacher Portal. This easy-to-use interface allows teachers to plan, deliver and manage lessons.

Planning lessons

Using the portal, teachers can:

  •       instantly access educational resources and curriculum-aligned content covering a huge range of topics and subject areas
  •       download lesson plans, guides and worksheets
  •       add their own resources and access content generated by the ClassVR community
  •       build lesson plans and save prepared lessons for easy access when needed
  •       create custom resource playlists within seconds.

Delivering and managing lessons

The portal gives teachers full control and management of their students’ headsets. This means they can:

  •       deliver content to all connected ClassVR headsets, integrating VR and AR content into lessons seamlessly
  •       guide students through teacher-led learning
  •       direct student attention by highlighting specific parts of a VR experience
  •       monitor students’ progress, and use real-time student view to ensure everyone is focused and on task
  •       keep students focused using the activity lock feature.

 And, because ClassVR is an open platform, students and teachers can create, upload and share their own content with a global community of users.

What age students is ClassVR suitable for?

We think that one of the best things about ClassVR is its relevance across the year groups. From the building blocks of imaginative play and early communication skills right through to digital literacy and complex scientific concepts, this technology provides rich learning experiences for all ages.

The youngest students will enjoy developing their communication and language skills without even realising it – by reading stories, playing games, drawing and imaginative play.

Older primary school pupils really benefit from a curriculum rich in VR and AR experiences, to broaden their understanding of the world and boost their comprehension and problem-solving skills.

For students at secondary school, keeping them engaged, motivated and challenged is key, and ClassVR can meet these needs too. From virtual field trips and multi-sensory learning to visualising abstract ideas and conceptual subjects, even the most reluctant learners will relish a new way to experience theoretical subjects.

Discover ClassVR resources and content.

Download the list of all available content.

Is the technology easy to use?

In a word: very. Simplicity is central to ClassVR technology, for students and teachers. The headsets require no other hardware, making them straightforward and super-reliable, and they’re comfortable to wear.

The wired hand-held controllers complete the experience, making it easy for students to navigate the interface, explore virtual scenes and interact with VR and AR content.

Teacher controls are equally user-friendly, and ClassVR’s own technicians will configure and set up the Teacher Portal so everything is ready to use.

What about training?

ClassVR provides an online CPD course. They also offer the support of their educational specialists – all qualified teachers – who are on hand to give training. There’s advanced training too, both online and onsite.

Find out about ClassVR’s training and what a typical training session looks like.

Other resources

Order your free guide, ‘50 Creative Ways to Use ClassVR’, packed with inspiring lesson ideas from Class VR customers. 

Find out how classrooms around the world are making the most of this exciting technology in some ClassVR case studies.


Make affordable VR technology a reality for your school and contact our expert team today.


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