How to get your equipment into schools

If you supply equipment to schools, you’ll be familiar with the hurdles that can stand in your way. But we can help…

Published: April 28, 2023

If you supply equipment to the education sector, chances are you’re familiar with stretched budgets, cash flow crises and delayed projects – not to mention the current energy crisis. Perhaps you’ve had a quote turned down because of a lack of funds or a shortage of compliant funding options. Either way, it’s bad news for business.

The good news is that Utility Rentals can help you get your products into schools. Better still, our flexible leasing arrangements are a win–win solution for customers and suppliers alike.

What’s the Utility Rentals difference?

As the UK’s longest-running school equipment leasing company, we understand the need for high-quality, up-to-date products. We also know the many barriers to purchasing them outright. That’s why we partner with suppliers like you to offer cash-strapped customers an affordable, convenient alternative.

Our leases let schools spread the cost of their equipment – and any extras such as installation, training or warranties – making them much more likely to say yes to a quote from you.

Whether you want to approach a new customer or you’re already a school’s preferred supplier and need help with a proposal that’s stuck in the pipeline, we offer schools easy access to the funding that will make all the difference.

And while many of our competitors struggle to fulfil the education sector’s stringent compliance requirements, we pride ourselves on offering only operating leases and subscription services that are fully compliant with the relevant standards.

Why work with us?

As market leaders of compliant funding to the education sector, we offer big benefits to the suppliers who work with us. Whether you supply classroom tech or playground shelters, we can help you get your products where they’re needed. Our case studies will give you an idea of the many advantages of partnering with us. For now, here are some of the highlights:

We don’t hang about

No one likes unnecessary delays. So we don’t waste time with eligibility checks (all schools, academies, colleges and universities are automatically eligible for our leases) or a lengthy application process.

If you’ve already submitted a quote for equipment, don’t worry about having to go back to square one. We can easily transform your existing quote into a school-friendly leasing proposal.

At the other end of the project, you can rely on prompt payment. Regardless of a school’s payment plan, we pay our suppliers within 72 hours of the project being signed off.

We’re the experts

Having worked with thousands of schools, academies, colleges and universities over three decades, we have built an enviable reputation as experts in making budgets go further. That gives you, the supplier, access to plenty of customers who might not otherwise be able to afford your products.

We’re fully compliant

No need to worry about the small print. Compliance is at the centre of what we do.  We only offer fully compliant operating leases, which are approved by the Department for Education (DfE) and in line with all advice set out by the Institute of School Business Leadership (ISBL) and the Financial Leasing Association (FLA).

We work with suppliers like you (and you!)

You might be wondering if we can help get your particular products into schools. Because we can finance projects of almost type and size, the answer is almost certainly yes.

IT equipment is the most common requirement, but we regularly help schools finance everything from catering equipment to sewing machines, and from interactive screens for classrooms to playground shelters for outside. We even offer bespoke leasing solutions.

So whether you supply costly EdTech like Apple iPads, hygiene equipment like SteraspacePropelair  and Dyson, or outdoor structures like canopies, we can get you into your chosen school – or playground!

As well as the equipment itself, we can fund the associated costs such as installation, maintenance and insurance options. Our flexible leases for the latest Apple iPads, for example, give customers the peace of mind that comes with full parts and labour breakdown warranty as well as the option to add accidental damage and theft cover. Like Apple, you could offer customers training sessions delivered by your own experts, or perhaps boost your classroom offering with downloadable lesson plans and student worksheets, like our suppliers of ClassVR technology.

We keep things simple

We don’t like loose ends any more than you do, so we manage projects from start to finish. Our end-to-end customer service means we’ll work directly with schools, taking care of everything from payment plans to end-of-lease options. So while your customers benefit from flexible payment plans, you can relax while we chase invoices and talk through upgrades.

We’re transparent

Our business is built on strong relationships with suppliers and schools. We take care to offer a transparent leasing process so that everyone knows what to expect.

So, how does it work?

1. You send us a quote

After confirming the project’s requirements, simply send us a trade price quote for the full project, including a breakdown of equipment and professional service costs and any additional services such as training or extended warranty.

2. We send you a lease proposal

We’ll send a proposal for breaking the project up into manageable payments – usually annual or quarterly.

3. We enter into a rental agreement with the customer

When the school decides to go ahead, we’ll send them an electronic rental agreement.

4. We’ll place an order with you

Once the school signs the agreement, we’ll place an order with you.

5. You deliver the project

Over to you!

6. We pay your invoice

No delays. We’ll pay you within 72 hours of the project being signed off by the customer.

7. Last but not least – leave everything else to us

We handle all invoice processing and chasing directly with the school, so you can focus on the nuts and bolts of delivering the project. The school will receive their first rental invoice based on the project sign-off date and we’ll follow up with future invoices according to their contract.


For more opportunities to get your equipment into schools, contact our expert team today.


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