chromebooks, chromebooks for classrooms, EdTech
How to use Chromebooks in your classroom

Chromebooks plus the power of cloud computing add up to top marks in the classroom. Known for their simplicity and…

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EdTech, EdTech after lock-downs, help students catch up
How schools can use EdTech to help students catch up

After the pandemic, schools are now focusing on how to help students catch up. EdTech has a major role to play

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EdTech, EdTech lessons for schools
How EdTech can help close the attainment gap

This blog describes how inequalities in educational achievement can be affected by students’ backgrounds. We explain how EdTech in schools can help narrow the attainment gap.

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EdTech, Interactive Screens
3 reasons why it’s worth investing in interactive screens

In this blog, we outline three ways that our range of high-quality interactive screens can enhance the classroom experience.

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EdTech, VR for the classroom
Bring your lessons to life with VR for the classroom!

We discuss the benefits of virtual reality technology for the classroom, how ClassVR headsets can enhance learning, and the rental packages available.

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EdTech, Sphero coding robots
How our Sphero coding robots can transform your coding classes

In this blog, we highlight the benefits of teaching coding in schools and outline how Sphero coding robots are the perfect tool for teaching kids to code.

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EdTech, EdTech spending
EdTech spending: how our leases help you get more for less

With the government’s emphasis on science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (or STEAM) subjects, keeping up with the demands of…

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admin workload for teachers, EdTech
How using EdTech can reduce the admin workload for teachers

It would be an understatement to say that today’s teachers are overworked. Concerningly, 44% of teachers plan to quit in…

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EdTech, ICT school equipment, why coding matters
Why coding matters to students’ future careers

In this blog, we explain why teaching kids coding in school is essential for their future careers as employers increasingly rely on technology.

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EdTech, EdTech after lock-downs, EdTech and social-emotional learning
How EdTech and social-emotional learning can support students’ mental health

Sadly, it’s no surprise that after nearly two years in a pandemic, many students are struggling with their mental well-being.…

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