Energy Efficient Equipment

energy efficiency, Energy Efficient Equipment, Energy Efficient Lighting
Energy efficiency: how schools can combat global warming

Use energy-efficient equipment to reduce the carbon footprint of your school. From replacing water-guzzling toilets to substituting outdated lighting, make greener changes.

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Energy Efficient Equipment, increase energy efficiency in schools, school budget
Making the most of your school budget in the face of inflation

This blog explores how the education sector is affected by inflation, and how we can help you stretch your school budget through our flexible rental packages.

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Energy Efficient Equipment, Energy Efficient Lighting, LED Lighting, News, sustainable school equipment
What the Department for Education’s Sustainability Strategy means for your school

In this blog, we explain how the Department for Education’s sustainability strategy will affect schools and what you can do to make your school greener.

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eco-friendly equipment, Energy Efficient Equipment
3 pieces of eco-friendly equipment to help your school go green

The climate crisis is, unfortunately, the defining issue facing the students of today – and tomorrow. The topic has been…

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Energy Efficient Equipment, sustainable school equipment
Leading by example: how sustainable school equipment complements climate education

Following COP26, every sector is trying to be greener. The recent discussions about taking action are certainly turning up the…

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Dyson Airblade™, Energy Efficient Equipment
Clean and green: Why the Dyson Airblade is an environmentally-friendly choice

In this blog, we look at the aspects of the Dyson Airblade™ that contribute to making this hand dryer so energy-efficient!

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Energy Efficient Equipment, Energy Efficient Lighting, increase energy efficiency in schools
3 ways to increase energy efficiency in schools

According to The Carbon Trust, UK schools could reduce their energy bills by £44 million per year! With most schools…

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Energy Efficient Equipment, reduce school energy bills
3 ways to reduce school energy bills this winter

Find out some practical ways your school can drastically reduce its energy bills this winter with a little help from Utility Rentals.

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Dyson Airblade, Energy Efficient Equipment, Hand Dryers
Save your school budget with Dyson Airblade hand dryers

Discover how your school can keep a tighter reign on its budget by upgrading its washroom hand drying equipment to Dyson Airblades.

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Carbon Reduction, Energy Efficient Equipment, Propelair high-performance toilet
Squeaky clean: introducing the Propelair high-performance toilet

Spend less money on water and improve student hygiene with the Propelair high-performance toilet.

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