Spread the cost of a Laser Cutter

Laser cutters have established themselves as an extremely important piece of equipment in schools. After all, they are a great way to inspire the great young minds of today, who before you know it will be great engineers of the future.

But with good quality, reliable laser cutters often costing thousands of pounds, it can be difficult for schools to acquire a laser cutter that meets their requirements with the limited budget they have available…let alone find the funds to repair and service the laser cutter once they have managed to acquire one!

We have selected a refined range of laser cutters which are perfect for use within the education sector – from entry level models for those schools who are simply looking to introduce laser cutting to the curriculum, through to higher spec models with larger bed sizes and more powerful lasers, ideal for colleges and universities.

End to end service and fully maintained packages

Each of our high quality, reliable laser cutters are available through our exciting and unique laser cutter rental package, designed to help schools spread the cost of their desired laser cutter.

Most importantly, we won’t just provide you with a laser cutter and leave you to it; we offer a number of rental packages which can include installation and commissioning of the machine, as well as a training session to ensure staff are proficient with the machine right from day one.

And for ultimate peace of mind, schools can even include annual servicing and an extended warranty if they wish to, preventing any unforeseen repair costs.

Lease a laser cutter & don't compromise on spec

The market is flooded with laser cutters, so we've picked a handful which are perfect for the education sector. And with our compliant lease solutions, lack of upfront capital budget no longer needs to be a problem...we can spread the cost of the laser cutter, any services or warranty you require and make it affordable for your school!


Spread the cost

Make your perfect laser cutter attainable with fixed payments

Models for all budgets

We have a solution for even the most modest of budgets

Professional installation

Our expert engineers will get you setup in no time

Product training

To help you get the most out of your shiny new laser cutter

Warranty & Service

Optional packages for total peace of mind during the rental
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