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Energy Efficient Equipment, reduce school energy bills
3 ways to reduce school energy bills this winter

Find out some practical ways your school can drastically reduce its energy bills this winter with a little help from Utility Rentals.

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Dyson Airblade, Hand Dryers, hand hygiene
3 reasons why the Dyson Airblade should be on your school’s list for Santa

In this article, we round up the top reasons why Dyson Airblades should be top of your school’s list for Santa and explain our flexible rental agreements.

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festive lesson plans, iPads, Lesson Plans and Ideas
Countdown to Christmas: 3 festive lesson plans for schools

Try out our festive lesson plans and add some Christmas cheer to your classroom this year! All with a little help from Utility Rentals.

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virtual school nativity
The rise of the virtual school nativity

With coronavirus continuing to cause disruption, many schools have opted to hold a virtual school nativity this year to continue this much-loved tradition.

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Catering Equipment, seasonal recipes
Winter warmers: 3 seasonal recipes for school canteens

Cook up a storm and keep your little ones fueled until spring with these hearty winter-warming seasonal recipes from Utility Rentals!

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Sonja Mozzi-Megit
outdoor education, Playgrounds, School Playgrounds
Is it the end of outdoor education?

This blog discusses the important role of outdoor education in the development of young people and looks at how your school can maximise its outside space.

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Dan Tyler
iPads, student's guide to iPads
A student’s guide to iPads

Our student’s guide to iPads offers a handy round-up of the different features of a range of popular models to help you choose the right one!

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Hand Dryers, hand hygiene, hygiene in your school
The impact of COVID-19 on hand hygiene

This article looks at the effect of the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic on hand hygiene and the ways in which we can support effective hand hygiene in schools.

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Bonfire Night lesson plans
Remember, remember: Bonfire Night lesson plans

Our blog looks at fun Bonfire Night lesson plans for kids of all ages, to add some fun to the classroom and teach them the history behind this celebration.

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Canopies, hygiene in your school, School Playgrounds
The future of school playgrounds

This article discusses the importance of school playgrounds, the impact of COVID-19 on them, and how they might look in the future.

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