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Sonja Mozzi-Megit
Energy Efficient Equipment, increase energy efficiency in schools, school budget
Making the most of your school budget in the face of inflation

This blog explores how the education sector is affected by inflation, and how we can help you stretch your school budget through our flexible rental packages.

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Abbey Griffiths
IT, keep students safe online, Online teaching
3 ways to keep students safe online

In this blog, we present three ways to keep students safe online. We also outline some of the safety features of our IT equipment that make it an ideal choice for schools!

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Simon Hemsley
EdTech, Sphero coding robots
How our Sphero coding robots can transform your coding classes

In this blog, we highlight the benefits of teaching coding in schools and outline how Sphero coding robots are the perfect tool for teaching kids to code.

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compliant leases, equipment suppliers, preferred school equipment supplier
4 benefits of us working with your preferred school equipment supplier

In this blog, we’re exploring the benefits of having Utility Rentals work with your preferred school equipment supplier to create your school’s perfect lease!

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Emma Buggy
Energy Efficient Equipment, Energy Efficient Lighting, LED Lighting, News, sustainable school equipment
What the Department for Education’s Sustainability Strategy means for your school

In this blog, we explain how the Department for Education’s sustainability strategy will affect schools and what you can do to make your school greener.

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3D printer projects, 3D Printers, 3D printing in schools
How 3D printers bring a new dimension to STEM teaching

In this blog, we discuss how 3D printers can help support STEM teaching and teach your students vital skills for future design-related careers.

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EdTech, EdTech spending
EdTech spending: how our leases help you get more for less

With the government’s emphasis on science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (or STEAM) subjects, keeping up with the demands of…

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Simon Hemsley
admin workload for teachers, EdTech
How using EdTech can reduce the admin workload for teachers

It would be an understatement to say that today’s teachers are overworked. Concerningly, 44% of teachers plan to quit in…

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eco-friendly equipment, Energy Efficient Equipment
3 pieces of eco-friendly equipment to help your school go green

The climate crisis is, unfortunately, the defining issue facing the students of today – and tomorrow. The topic has been…

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Sabina Ghazanfar
laser cutter leases, Laser Cutters
How our flexible leases make laser cutters affordable

In this blog, we explain how our compliant laser cutter leases can help schools access modern laser cutters affordably and with minimal fuss!

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